Argentinian Natural Incense
Sagrada Madre

Sagrada Madre

Sagrada Madre is a brand that offers a wide range of natural aromatic products for cleansing and harmonizing spaces. Their products are handmade in Argentina using high quality raw materials while caring for the environment.

Key features

Handmade, high quality products
Natural, aromatic raw materials
Variety of scents and products
Sustainable and ecological practices
Inspired by ancestral rituals and traditions
Made in Argentina


The product catalogue offers a comprehensive range of options to cleanse, harmonize and perfume spaces in a natural way.


A wide variety of incense sticks, cones, and powders in different scents and lines like Patagonia, Palo Santo, Natural Resins, Herbal, Triple Combination, Botanical, etc.

Smudging Pastilles

Pastilles with activated charcoal and herbal/resin blends for smudging. Includes 7 Chakras, 7 Day Cleansing, etc.

Energy Pyramids

Pyramid-shaped smudging pastilles in various scents.

Smudging Balls

Small herb/resin blend balls for smudging. Come in sets like Herbal Balls, XL Balls, etc.


Pre-designed kits for energy cleansing, love, herbs, etc. Like Sacred Smoke Kit, Herbal Kit, Petals of Love Kit.


Vegetal charcoal pieces for burning smudging herbs and resins. Neutral and herbal blends available.

Smudge Sticks

Bundled herbs and resins for extended smudging (2+ hours).

Mini Smudges

Individual smudge sticks in different scents and sampler packs.

Palo Santo Stick

Individual palo santo smudging sticks.

Scented Beads

Scented beads in tins and sachets to perfume spaces.

Essential Oils

Essential oil blends in 10ml bottles.

Loose Herbs

Individual herb sachets for smudging.


Various holders and burners for smudging herbs, resins, and incense.


Bags, displays, merchandising.

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