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Best of Nature

Sagrada Madre

Best of Nature is a brand that specializes in a sophisticated array of natural aromatic products designed to enhance your living spaces. Melding tradition with modernity, our products are carefully handcrafted from high-quality ingredients. With a focus on environmental sustainability, Best of Nature offers an enriching sensory experience.

Key Features

Handcrafted Excellence
Natural Aromatics
Wide Selection
Cultural Heritage
White label available


Explore our comprehensive range of products designed to cleanse, balance, and perfume your spaces in the most natural way possible.


  • Natural Incense - Dragon’s Blood Sage: A rich, mystical scent that transports you to a realm of peace.
  • Medicinal Rosemary - Bundle: For a touch of natural healing.
  • Natural Pine Incense 10 cm: Immerse yourself in the crisp scent of pine.

Smudge Bundles

  • Juniper - Bundle: A robust smudge bundle designed for clarity and protection.
  • Californian Cedarwood - Cedar Bundle: A harmonizing bundle for cleansing and rejuvenation.

Sage Varieties

  • Natural Incense - Mountain Sage: Elevated sage for elevated senses.
  • White Sage Leaves 50g: Cleanse your space with the purifying properties of white sage.

Exotic Blends

  • Natural Incense - White Sage + Eucalyptus: A blend of white sage and eucalyptus for holistic well-being.
  • Natural Incense - Thyme Sage: A unique mix of thyme and sage for an invigorating aroma.

Specialty Items

  • Yerba Santa Bundle - Sacred Herb: A sacred herb bundle to elevate your spiritual practices.
  • White Sage, Palo Santo, and Selenite: A fusion of elements for a complete cleansing ritual.


  • SOULBEAUTY - Natural Rosemary Palo Santo: A harmonizing blend for spiritual cleansing.
  • SOULBEAUTY - Palo Santo Natural Olive Wood: An aromatic experience featuring the essence of olive wood.
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